James Boland — Bio

“James Boland, Civil War Soldier,” Chicopee Archives Online, Chicopee Public Library.

Born in Ireland, Son of James Bolan, by occupation a Laborer, unmarried, at the age of 25 enlisted on February 1, 1862 for three years in the 31st Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols., Company “E”. Mustered March 3, 1862 at Hilton Head, S.C.

He took part, with his Regt., in the siege of Ft. Jackson, La., in the campaign of the Teche district, La., siege of Port Hudson, battles of Cane River & Mansfield of the Red River Campaign, under Banks, in 1864. While on the march from Pleasant Hill to Grand Ecore, 10 April 1864, he was shot in the right foot by the accidental discharge of a carbine. Sent to hospital, his foot was amputated, his leg being taken off just below the knee on May 10th. He was in hospital at New Orleans till June 26, 1864, when he was transferred to the General Hospital at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. [?], where he lay till Dec. 6, 1864.  On that date, he rec’d a furlough for 90 [?] days with orders to report on the Expiration of his furlough to the nearest U. S. Hospital. On Expiration, reported to the Dale U.S.A. Hospital at Worcester, Mass., where he remained till his discharge Oct. 5, 1865.

Subsequently, he returned to Chicopee. Boland is represented to have been a good soldier.

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