James J. Croshier — Bio

“James J. Croshier, Civil War Soldier,” Chicopee Archives Online, Chicopee Public Library.

Born in Troy, N.Y., Son of George J. Croshier, by occupation a Painter, Married, at the age of 20 enlisted for three years in the 31st Regiment of Infantry, Mass. Vols., Company K.

Mustered into service February 11, 1862.

He enlisted at Springfield, Mass. while the regiment was passing from Pittsfield to Lowell.

He was on duty with his Regt. till captured at Desair [Desert] Station on Dec. 16, 1862. Lay in Vicksburg Jail for 20 days, when he was paroled and sent to Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. There, he was detained three weeks, when he was sent to Washington to rejoin his Regt. Rejoined Regt. on or about May 10, 1863. Not having been exchanged, he took no part in the Siege of Pt. Hudson. In the fall of 1863, on duty at Baton Rouge. Participated in the campaign of the Red River. On April 12, 1862, was struck by lightning and disabled for two months.

Discharged and mustered out at Mobile, Ala., probably at the same time with his comrades, though he specified no date.


It is questionable how far the foregoing record is reliable. Croshier, it is known, deserted. The date of his desertion is represented to have been after his 2nd enlistment, though the above record specifies no second enlistment.

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