John Eugene Moore, (1827-1890), Our Gr. Gr. Grandfather

By Nancy Marie Callahan Strycharz with Jim Roberts

It is amazing how much we have learned about him in these last few years. I remember hearing as a child about our grandfather Archie Hugh Knox Sr.’s mother who was French, but nothing about her father.

What we know now is that Grandpa Knox’s Grandfather, John E. Moore, was born in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada on Feb. 21, 1827 (although there are different dates); to Francois and Louise Thivierge. He was baptized Jean Baptiste Thivierge with at least one sister. When he was 13 (or 20), April 1, 1840, he received training to be a notary public. We have his papers. He came to West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where he met and married Elizabeth (Isabel) Micue, age 17, on August 13, 1850. He was 23 (or 26?). They had 5 children initially — Mary Louise Moore Alsdorf Knox, born August 11, 1851, (Grandpa’s mother); John Eugene Jr., born Feb. 20, 1853 and died a year and a half later; Lucy, 1855; William, 1857; and Ida, 1859. In 1860, he became a citizen.

He enlisted on 7 Dec. 1861 in the Civil War and was mustered in on Jan. 9, 1862 with the 31 Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteers…He was shot in the arm on Oct. 12 1862, which he recorded in his diary. He was finally discharged on April 18, 1864 in New Orleans, receiving $293.76 pay. Sailing north for 5 days and 22 hours, they arrived in New York City on April 30. After an overnight stay and train trip, he arrived at home finally in Housatonic, Great Barrington, MA on May 2, 1864.

Having received a gun wound, he was unable to return to his job making paper. His home is located on Rte 183 Park St., Housatonic, Mass. He had two more children after he came home — Emma, born Feb. 2, 1866; and George Edwin, born March 16, 1872. He died May 17, 1890. Our Grandfather would have known him, as he was born May 10, 1885. Grandpa’s Mom died when he was 12 in 1897.

John Moore passed his diary and papers down in the family through his youngest son, George Edwin Moore. He also verbally passed on that he changed his name from Jean Baptiste Thivierge to John E. Moore. [Copies of the diary can be found in the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield and at the Wood Museum of Springfield History in Springfield.]

George’s son was David Rudolph (aka. Lionel). His son was George Eugene Moore. His wife Delores had the information on the internet and my brother Ed Callahan made the connection in 2003. Delores has a wealth of knowledge; saying her husband traveled with his Dad to Housatonic and Montmagny before they were married around 1950. She graciously gave us a disc copy of his Civil War Diary written from March 8, 1863 to May 2, 1864. There is so much information and emotions expressed in his diary; for example his joy the day he received a letter from his little Mary (then 11-Grandpa’s Mother) and the days he was so lonesome.

Hope you enjoy getting to know our Gr. Gr. Grandfather John E. Moore as we all have.
Nancy Marie Callahan Strycharz 5-25-05

Note: A copy of John E. Moore’s Civil War diary has been donated by the authors to the Genealogy & Local History Library of the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History for inclusion in the 31st Mass. Infantry Collection.

11 thoughts on “John Eugene Moore, (1827-1890), Our Gr. Gr. Grandfather

  1. We hope that some day a picture of John E. Moore will be found that we can share with all our relatives. Thank you to all those who have kindly contributed to the research and creation of this website. It is wonderful to hear the echoed voices of our Great, Great Grandfather’s contemporaries thanks to your hard work. Jim Roberts

  2. He is also My Gr. Gr. Grandfather and I have his Civil War discharge paper. I would like to send you a copy. 1958 Carol Moore – Lawton, Daughter of 1924 George Eugene Moore, Son of 1894 David Rudolph (Lional) Moore son of 1872 George Edwin Moore, Son of John Eugene Moore. I also have a photo of John Moore and Hope to have the picture uploaded in the next week.

  3. Cousin Carol! Thanks for posting. We are in Washington, DC and would love a photo to share with everyone. Wow! If you don’t mind, please email me directly I would love to speak with you and am willing to send you additional Civil War Document we have from John E. Moores’ US Pension Records. Thanks Jim

  4. Hi Carol,
    I am so sorry to see that your Mom died. She was such a gracious lady. I would send her a Christmas card and call occasionally. We sent her a copy of the diary that he wrote that was
    was written while in New Orleans; but needed to have have some of the words translate to
    English. I remember when you and your husband moved from CT down there; she was so happy. Our Grandfather was his oldest child Mary’s son; there are 20 of us cousins. Would love to talk to you some time. Your cuz, Nancy

    • My husband has family in MA. In Fact is daughter and son in-law owns Jimmy Peak ski area. We are planning to be there next summer. I hope we can meet.

  5. Hi Carol, What would me nice, Do you meet this summer or next 2017? Did you tell my cousin Jay that you have a picture of our mutual Gr. Gr. Grandfather? We would love a copy and can pay for what it costs. cuz Nancy

  6. Thank you so much Carol; I can’t wait to share it with my two children! I am not a member of Any chance you could email the photo directly to me ( as an attachment and I will make copies for our branch of the tree? Thank you again. We are taking the children to Jiminy Peak in August if you and your husband are planning a trip; maybe we can take you to lunch? We are bringing the children to Great Barrington to see where John E. Moore and their ancestors lived and visit his grave and pay respects. Thanks Jim

  7. This is all great information and I am glad that you all have shared some valuable information on my 2nd Great Grand Father.

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