Historical Overview (by Larry Lowenthal):
*    Part 1 — B. F. Butler & the Creation of the Western Bay State Regiment
*    Part 2 — Boston to Ship Island
*    Part 3 — Forts Jackson & St. Philip
*    Part 4 — The Administration of Gen. Butler, 1862
*    Part 5 — 1863, to Port Hudson
*    Part 6 — Port Hudson to the Red River Campaign
*    Part 7 — The Red River Campaign
*    Part 8 — Red River to Mobile
*    Part 9 — The Final Chapter

Rosters of the 31st Massachusetts Infantry Regiment by Company

Command Structure of the 31st Massachusetts Infantry Regt. in 1862

Timeline of Significant Events

3 thoughts on “History

  1. I am trying to collect information on my 3rd Great Grandfather, Albert Keep. He was in the 31st Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War. He was born in Sheffield, MA on September 18, 1817 and died in Louisiana on July 25, 1862 while serving his country. I cannot find any records for his date of death during this time. We are curious to know if he perished in a battle. Can I please be pointed in the direction of where to search?

  2. Emile Drach of Company K is my relative. He was killed during battle and his name is mentioned several times in the diaries of John McCarthy and others. I would like to know if he received a medal and if not how do we obtain one in his honor? If you are interested, I have a document pertaining to Emile Drach “Claim For Pension” per his father Joseph Drach and mother Marie Louise Seltz.

    Sincerely, Kathleen Weatherly

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