George Goodwin — Part 2, Capture of New Orleans

When we ascended the river, the first time before reaching New Orleans, we were most of us on deck viewing the wrecks that strewed the banks, our arms etc. being in our bunks below. Just before reaching the city, we were ordered to fall in on deck under arms, I went for mine and they were gone. I reported to the Capt. my loss, he says “you must get some.” I did, but I got them several times before they stayed.

The city people had been saving up pet names for us sometime, judging from the quantity they greeted us with. At the Custom House, we found a Rebel mail. One letter I read was from a young lady to her betrothed in the Rebel army. After speaking of the happiness in store for them when the Yankees were whipped, she requested him to catch one and send her for a servant — thought he would be handy to do chores. I presume she was gratified.



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