Narratives & Diaries by Company

Field & Staff

Dr. Edwin C. Bidwell — Middlefield
*   Case of the Kidnapped Northrop [Northup]
Our Chaplain
*   Remarkable Case of Capt. N. F. Bond
*   The Story of Jeff
*   Battle of Sabine Cross Roads & the Red River Campaign
*   A Sample of Confederate Literature

Dr. Elisha P. Clarke — Milford

Charles S. Rust — Easthampton

Lt. Col. Charles M. Whelden — Pittsfield

Company A

Elbert H. Fordham — Pittsfield

Sgt. William Shaftoe, Co. A — West Springfield

Company B

Lewis O. Frary, Co. B — Southampton

David T. Remington, Co. B — Savoy

Company C

Adelbert Bailey — Conway, Wlliamsburg

Luther Darius Chapin — Ashfield

Company D

H. D. Barber — Worcester

Luther M. Fairbank, Co. D — Ware

John W. Gibbs, Co. D — Ware

Frank S. Knight, Co. D — Hardwick

Asa P. Wheeler — Greenwich

Company E

Col. Edward Payson Nettleton — Chicopee Falls

Company F

Sgt. Marshall Clothier, Co. F — Cheshire

Danforth L. Converse, Co. F — Granby

Sarah Darling (wife of Capt. G. Darling) — Belchertown

George Goodwin, Co. F — Belchertown
*   Part 1, Pittsfield, Camp Seward
Part 2, Capture of New Orleans
Part 3, St. James Hospital, New Orleans
Part 4, Fort Pike
Part 5, Red River Campaign, 1864
Part 6, Red River Campaign, Cavalry Horses
Part 7, Red River Campaign, Yellow Bayou
Part 8, Billy Button
Part 9, Plaquemine & Indian Village
Part 10, Reducing the Surplus

Joseph L. Hallett, Co. F — Springfield
*   Part 1, St. James Hospital
*   Part 2, U.S. Signal Corps
*   Part 3, Feint on Port Hudson

*   Part 4, Incidents of Prison Life

Harrison Z. Horr, Co. F — Pelham

Richard F. Underwood, Co. F — Belchertown
*   Underwood Part 1, 1861-1862
Underwood Part 2, 1863

Company G

Lieut. L. Frederick Rice — Boston

Company H

Company I

Sgt. Abram J. Nichols — Pittsfield

Sgt. William H. Rich, Co. I — Pittsfield

Capt. William W. Rockwell — Pittsfield

Company K

Nelson F. Bond — Ware

John E. McCarthy — Winthrop

Patrick McCarthy, Co. K — Boston

Jeremiah McGraith, Co. K — Boston

Lorenzo Sturtevant, Co. K — Pembroke

George U. Young, Co. K — Cambridgeport


Oliver P. Semmes — Confederate Officer

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