31st Regimental Flag

31st Regimental Flag

Here is a complete, alphabetical list of the Correspondence in Box 02 of the 31st Massachusetts Infantry Collection at the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History. Boldface items are included on this website and are linked.

Index to Correspondence

John Francis Hamtramck Claiborne — (former U.S. Congressman from Mississippi & Union informant)

Luther M. Fairbank — Ware
Letters of Luther M. Fairbank — Part 1
Letters of Luther M. Fairbank — Part 2

Joseph L. Hallett — Springfield

Joshua W. Hawkes — Charlemont
J. W. Hawkes — Part 1, 1861
J. W. Hawkes — Part 2, January thru June 1862
J. W. Hawkes — Part 3, July thru December 1862

Frank S. Knight, Co. D — Letters 

Sarah A. Morewood — Letters

Lt. Col. E. P. Nettleton — War Correspondence

L. Frederick Rice — Letters

James B. T. Tupper (courtesy of Hardwick Historical Society)
James B. T. Tupper — Part 1, December 1861 thru June 1862
James B. T. Tupper — Part 2, July 1862 thru June 1863


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